John Hyde, missionary to India, helped start a movement of prayer in Punjab that brought revival across the region. Inspired by a love for the lost, he pled with God for the salvation of one soul a day for a year, then two a day in the next year, then four a day for the third year. His prayers were answered, and thousands were converted. 

American evangelist Dwight L. Moody founded three schools without having an education himself, reached 100 million for Christ without the use of radio or television, and reshaped Victorian Christianity (according to Christian History).

Is That Normal?

Hyde and Moody stand out in Christian history as men of deep faith and lasting influence. We admire them, but their stories seem far removed from our daily lives. “That’s not normal Christianity!” we want to protest. Yet we wonder, could our mundane existence ever have such a profound impact? 

Yes! God is calling each of us to live a life that helps to populate heaven. You and I can be used by God to do things, to be someone, who matters for eternity. Spiritual significance is God’s idea of normal for every Christian.

How can we live like that? By plugging into the same power source as Hyde and Moody—the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

The Power Source

Onboard ship to India, young Hyde received a letter speaking of his need for the Holy Spirit. He was offended and tossed the letter aside. Conviction set in however, and he began to plead for the Holy Spirit. His prayers were clearly answered before he arrived in India.

In 1871, two women felt burdened to pray that Moody be baptized by the “Holy Ghost and fire.” His ministry was struggling at the time. The ladies’ prayers had their desired effect. Moody soon joined the ladies in praying for the Holy Spirit. 

Then one day Moody said, “God revealed himself to me, and I had such an experience of his love that I had to ask him to stay his hand. I went to preaching again. The sermons were not different; I did not present any new truths, and yet hundreds were converted. I would not now be placed back where I was before that blessed experience if you should give me all the world.” – Dwight L. Moody (W. R. Moody, The Life of D. L. Moody, New York: 1900, p. 149)

Our source of power and spiritual significance is the same as it was for Hyde and Moody. We too can be, no, must be, filled with the Holy Spirit and with power. “The descent of the Holy Spirit upon the church is looked forward to as in the future; but it is the privilege of the church to have it now. Seek for it, pray for it… We must have it…” (Ellen White, Evangelism, p. 701).

We have every right to pray for, to believe for, the daily baptism of the Holy Spirit. “Our Heavenly Father…desires His people to…pray for power, expect power, and receive power” (Ellen White, Heavenly Places, p. 338). 

God longs for you to “Arise [and] shine; for your light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you” (Isaiah 60:1). A life of spiritual significance is the ‘normal’ you were designed to experience. Will you seek it earnestly in 2021?

Read the story of John Hyde’s life HERE. 

More about Dwight L. Moody HERE.  

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