God-led personal Bible study is the foundation of a vibrant, growing spiritual relationship with God. Yet many of us struggle with reading the Bible each day, simply because we don’t know how to connect with God through the Word or study it for ourselves. The truth is that God is eager to converse with you through the Bible.

The articles in this category will show you the keys to enjoying personal Bible study. You’ll learn how hear from God each day through systematic Biblical study. We’ll show you how interpret Scripture accurately, and apply it teachings correctly. You’ll also learn the difference between Biblical reading and regular reading, what it means to think Biblically, and how to apply God’s Word to your life. These are the keys to a meaningful conversation with God through the Scriptures.

Are you just starting on your journey of Bible study? Then start here. This post will point you in the right direction for meaningful, personal Bible study.

Jesus is the greatest treasure that we can have! How do we make sure not to miss Him in our Bible study? Jesus tells us how in the parable of Matthew 13:44. Also discover practical ways to make sure you see Jesus in every part of the Bible.

God took the day off work to pursue His relationship with Adam and Eve. He is just as passionate about His relationship with each of us today. He desires to be our best Friend. Jesus loves us and the Sabbath proves it!

What if begin the day filled with a sense of God’s presence and assured you of His love and interest? You can! God would be glad to wake you up. Learn how to turn on His alarm clock tomorrow morning.

Are you confused by the things other people are telling you about the Bible? Wouldn’t you like to hear from God Himself? You can! He’s inviting you to have a conversation with you through the Bible.

Are you confused by the things other people are telling you about the Bible? Wouldn’t you like to hear from God Himself? You can! He’s inviting you to have a conversation with you through the Bible.

Reading the Bible begins our conversation with God. Reading each passage seven times allows us to really hear what God is saying.

Biblical Thinking is the tool God wants to use to take your Bible study to a whole new level of conversation and prayer.

There are many free tools available to use that will help you gain more from your Bible study time. Learn what they are and how to use them.

God designed our minds to remember. In the Bible He gave the Israelites seven divine memory aids to use. They still work and will bless your Bible study! Learn what they are here.

There’s no use in studying the Bible if it doesn’t have a real-world impact. Follow these steps in Biblical application to experience lasting change in your life.

Application of Scripture is putting into action in our lives what God shows us in our Bible study. It’s where the transformation begins. This article explores the steps God takes us to transform us by His Word.

Sharing what you are learning in your Bible study will help you understand and remember better. It will also give you the joy of encouraging others in their walk with God. Learn why God wants you to share and how to do it simply and effectively.

Panning for gold is a lot like looking for truth. You have to be persistent and look in the right place—God’s Word.

Have you ever wondered if you have the Holy Spirit? The Bible promises this gift. Here’s how you can have it…

Jesus’ days, like ours, overflowed people and work. How did he survive? It was in quiet time alone with God. This can be our solace too. But how do we find time alone with God?

The way we read the Bible matters because it affects whether we discover God’s truth or our own ideas. Learn how to read carefully, contextually and systematically.

Bible study can be the highlight of your day! Discover the five keys to enjoying time with Jesus every day in His Word.

Learn how to cultivate a willing heart and hear God’s voice speaking to you personally in His Word.

Faith is an attitude of trust in God that we can choose to adopt. Learn what it means and how to let God grow your faith.

Thinking about reading through the Bible in 2023? Good for you! That’s a valuable New Year’s Resolution to make. But here’s a New Year’s Resolution that is even better.

God wants you to ask Him questions! He promises to show you “great things, which you do not know”. He wants to increase your understanding. Learn how to have a conversation with God during your daily Bible study time.