For most of us, our alarm clock is an unwelcome intrusion into dreamland. We groan, hit snooze and roll over for a few more precious moments of rest before we face the day.

What if there was gentler way to begin the day? One that filled you with a sense of God’s presence and assured you of His love and interest?

Not possible? Think again. Look at this verse found in Isaiah 50:4

“The Lord God has given Me the tongue of disciples,
That I may know how to sustain the weary one with a word.
He awakens Me morning by morning,
He awakens My ear to listen as a disciple.”

(To learn more about this verse, please view our video devotional)

Did you catch that?! Jesus says “God… awakens Me morning by morning”. Day by day, God woke Jesus so they could talk and plan for that day. Morning by morning, God gave Jesus wisdom, guidance, and words of hope for the weary.

This was the source of Jesus’ connection with God and His effectiveness with men. It can be yours too!

God is faithful to fulfill His promises! Before you go to bed, open your Bible to Isaiah 50:4, and ask God to wake you up in the morning like He woke Jesus. Friends He will do it!!! There is nothing better than being gently woken 5-10 minutes before your alarm clock goes off and knowing that the God of the universe wants to spend time with you! Just be aware, He might wake you a lot sooner than that if He has a lot to say to you.

But here’s the catch: He won’t force you to stay awake. That’s your choice. So make the decision to get up as soon as He wakes you. If you struggle with staying awake, try these tips:

1. Go to bed earlier. More restoration happens in your body before midnight, so going to bed earlier will help you wake up sooner and happier.

2. Get out of bed when God wakes you. Don’t try to have worship in bed. It’s dangerous!

3. Drink a big glass of water to clear your brain and get your internal system working.

4. Take a brisk walk and use that time to pray before you begin your Bible study.

5. Trust that God woke you up when you need to get up and He will give you the energy you need for the day. Friend, God longs to be with you and teach you how to listen to Him. He desires to satisfy you with His love and equip you with His truth. He will give you His words of hope to encourage some weary soul. More than anything, God wants to walk with you so you can lead others to Him.

So how about it? Will you be claiming Isaiah 50:4 tonight? I will. I know you’ll be glad you did!

We’d love to hear how God wakes you up! Please leave a comment below if you’ like to share what God is teaching you, ask a question, or request prayer.

Note: This devotional is part of a 10 part series on 5 Keys to Enjoying God’s Word. If you have not already, please take time to read the devotionals in the series. How to Turn on God’s Alarm Clock, Finding a Quiet Place Alone with God, Faith – Essential Preparation for Bible Study, A Willing Heart for Bible Study, How to Read the Bible, and Tools for Bible Study, Conversation with God, How to be Transformed by God’s Word, God’s Seven Tools for Remembering, Why God Wants You to Share What You Learn. Also, please see the related video devotionals with Pastor McKenzie.

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