At their heart, Seventh-day Adventist Bible doctrines reveal Jesus. Every major theme of the Bible reveals a beautiful part of God’s character of love.

Bible doctrines gather the major teachings of the Bible and state them in a way that is easy to understand. They are seen throughout the Bible and are supported by numerous texts and passages of Scripture.

Seventh-day Adventist doctrines cluster around the following topics:

  • God
  • Humanity
  • Salvation
  • Church
  • Living
  • Restoration

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We are perpetually tethered to work by our devices. We answer emails and work on projects off the clock. Then we rack up additional screen time scrolling through social media and binge watching our favorite shows. The result—anxiety and depression rates are at all-time highs. Experts are seeking solutions. God has the answer.

God’s kingdom is open to all of us. The Bible tells us how we can become a part of it today.

We can become citizens of heaven now by entering the kingdom of grace. We will enter the kingdom of glory when Jesus returns to take us home.

From the beginning God set apart the seventh-day Sabbath as a special time of rest and fellowship. What is the heart of true Sabbath keeping and how do we honor God’s holy day? His Word has the answers!

The ancient Hebrew temple teaches us about the mission of Jesus and God’s love for humanity. Christ’s work in the heavenly Holy Place teaches us valuable lessons for our daily live.

Some say that you aren’t filled with the Holy Spirit unless you speak in tongues. Is this true? Discover what the Bible really says about the gift of tongues.

God has given us a weekly sign that reminds us of His commitment to humanity. That sign is the seventh-day Sabbath. How does a day remind us that God is our loyal Creator and Redeemer and where does the Sabbath fit into our Christian experience?

Adam and Eve forfeited their God-given dominion over the earth but the day is coming when the God of Heaven will restore what was lost.

According to modern time keeping, each day begins and ends at midnight. In light of this, when should we observe the seventh-day Sabbath? The Bible has the answer.

Mark Forsyth’s pursuit of Biblical truth led him to the Sabbath from a jail cell.

La marca de la bestia … ¿Es una vacuna? ¿Un chip de computadora? ¿O algo completamente diferente? Descubra qué es y cómo puede evitar recibirla en este número de Óptica Bíblica. ¡Aprenda también cómo recibir el sello de Dios!

The second angel’s message in Revelation 14 is a warning given in love by our Heavenly Father. Are you listening?

Dios tiene tres mensajes urgentes para el mundo de hoy. La primera es una invitación llena de esperanza. Es importante para todas las personas del mundo. ¿Lo has oído?

Have you ever wondered why some people worship on Sunday and some on Sabbath? Which is the real “Lord’s day?” Find out in this issue of Bible Optics.

God has a sign that tells the world who His true followers are. It’s been the same since the beginning of time. It blesses all our relationships. And it still matters today. Do you know what it is?